"Looking up to my students, pointing out their strenghts and earning as well as keeping trust within a training session  - that is my key element as a trainer. No matter, if my student has two or four legs."
Dörte Bialluch Vaz Pinto

You want to learn more about fair communication with horses?

You are seeking to build a harmonious relationship with your horse?

You are searching for individual solutions to fulfill the needs of your horse and become a relieable partner?

You want to work your horse according to biomechanical principles?

Then this page is perfect for you!

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About me

When my horse got difficulties within its own body, which seemed impossible to overcome back then for me, the Academic Art of Riding became an important part of my life. I was already searching for new ways and solutions how I could help my mare, when I came across a book of Bent Branderup. I started reading into his believes about horsetraining and took part in his courses. Quickly, I was amazed by the effects this old and different way of training had on my horse and me – she became a very proud horse and as fit and healthy she had never been before. Until today I am following the path of the Academic Art of Riding and I am able to pass my experiences to my students and their horses as a Bent Branderup Trainer for 9 years.